Wednesday, October 7, 2015

MAN is an ANGEL – A poem inspired from the Strangers Series (in this blog)

artwork by Sneha Koilada

He sees you. The complete you.
For a moment, he lusts for you…as is his habit.
If your eyes don’t speak to his, he kills that lust.
But still, he talks to you. Finds out your origins.
He wants to find out, why it is that he wants you in his life.
He sees not the real you, but the potential you represent.
If you are a reader, he will tell you his will is not yours to mend.
If you are an artist, he will show you, you are not your only muse.
If you are a listener, he lists you his inspirations.
If you are an emblem, he will show you what you really stand for.

Man is an angel, when he doesn’t have to be in your life.

Man is a melody, when he is in your life. You may not like the melody, but that is what he is.

Man is fear, when he has to be in your life. A fear you must conquer.

Man is mist when he is driven to be in your life. A mist you must learn to see through in order to find yourself.

Man is more…he is always more, because the universe does not end with your ‘self’.

Self is just the beginning. 


  1. Such clarity, and yet so much depth. Loved this piece.

  2. I felt rather inept around you. Clearly out of depth. But i simply couldn't help but fall for you. It was great being friends with you though. Good times. Thank you.

    1. Hi Sandeep. Thanks for reading :) Yes, we were good friends weren't we?

    2. Yes we were. So much respect for your work and you :) What are you upto these days?

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