Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Vainglory of a Dancing Soul

She thinks the world is watching her. In her opinion, the universe responds to her touch, her simple tinkering in crayon and mush. Her every syllable is caught by the winds and whispered in strangers’ ears. Her every muse transformed into a soul that lives inside a human being. She is yet to be discovered, but thinks of it as inevitability. She can’t avoid it, so she bides her time in vainglory and indiscriminate thought on all kinds of sciences.

The Dancing Soul never quite emerged in the world of science, but she has a furious passion for it, and with passion, she thinks she can transform anything. Her nuances are known to all those she has in her circle of trust. Her ideas however, remain unknown even to those few souls. The great tragedy of her life is that she hasn’t found a single pebble that bore her name. It wasn’t human eyes she dances for, it was the eye of earth itself. 

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